New Zealand

New Zealand is the country of Kiwi bird, located in the South Pacific Ocean. The country owns a varied topography with numerous mountains and sparse population.

It has two main islands: The North Island and the South Island with the area of 2,022 sq km. The North Island mainly includes coastal plains and small mountain ranges. The Southern Alps range runs from the beginning to the end of the South Island.

Capital: Wellington.

Major Cities: Auckland, Hamilton, Christchurch and Dunedin

Square: 268,000 km2

Population: 4,4 million people.

Currency unit: New Zealand Dollar (NZD). 

Official language: English.

Climate throughout the country is mild and temperate, mainly maritime. North Island is warm and temperate, similar to subtropical climate. The temperature is about 21oC in summer (January) and 11oC in winter (June and July). Annual average rainfall is about 125 cm to 150 cm in the North. The annual average rainfall in the West is higher than in the East. It is colder in the South Island with average temperature of 15oC in summer and 6oC in winter. Because of the influence of the Southern Alps range, the South Island has higher rainfall than the North Island.

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Trains, planes, cars, buses and so on are main kinds of transportation in New Zealand.

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The New Zealanders are famous for their hospitality and warmth. They are friendly, open and hospitable. New Zealand is a multicultural country and run by the Parliamentary Representative Democratic Monarchy.

Most of New Zealand culture is derived from Europe, but also includes significant influences from Maori cultures and histories,  those of other countries in the Pacific Ocean and multicultural immigrant community which is getting more and more crowded.

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Maori traditional performance festival is organized within 03 days in February every two years. This is a contest about Maori culture.

New Zealand festival: It is held in February and March each year, lasts 03 weeks and attracts a great number of people.

Christchurch Art Festival: It is also held every two years, lasts 03 weeks from July to August and takes place in Christchurch.

Besides these festivals, there are Queenstown winter festival, Agricultural Auckland festival, Waitangi Anniversary, boat race in Ngaruawahia river, etc.

Cost of  Living:

Weekly average cost for international students is about NZD 335 including accommodation, food, entertainment, books.

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Kinds of accommodation for international students include Homestay, On-campus residences, rented apartments, etc.

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