America educational system

The United States offers international students a great variety of study options. The US education system requires students to complete 12-year primary and high school program before they enter universities.

1. Primary school:

Pupils start elementary level since they are 06 years old. The elementary level consists of 05 years from grade 1 to grade 5.

2. Secondary school:

After finishing grade 5 of elementary level, students will enter secondary school. The secondary level includes 7 years from grade 6 to grade 12. The stage from Grade 9 to grade 12 is called high school level. After finishing grade 12 of high school, students will be granted a High School Diploma.

3. University education:

Students who complete high school may continue to attend undergraduate programs. For  undergraduate programs, students have 02 options:

  • Junior or Community college:

Students will study at 2-year Colleges and after finishing their studies, they will be granted an Associate degree. Then, they can transfer to study at 4-year Colleges/Universites in 02 years to get a Bachelor's degree.

  • 4-year College/University (senior college or University): upon completion, students will be granted a Bachelor's degree.

4. Post-graduate program:

Students who have received a Bachelor's degree are able to study for a Master's degree or Doctorate.

  • Master's degree (MA): Commonly, students will study in 02 years.
  • Doctorate degree – PhD:This is a program for students who want to enhance their knowledge in specialized fields. The program lasts from 02 - 06 years. However, students are required to have a Master degree before they study for a Doctorate degree.

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