Switzerland education system

Switzerland attaches great importance to education system and has made the optimum investment in it. Therefore, Switzerland is recognized as one of the countries with the best education system in the world. It is famous for teaching foreign languages, hospitality and tourism management. 

In Switzerland, each state is responsible for its own education system; thus, there are remarkable differences in education systems of the states. Switzerland has both public and private schools, but most students attend public schools. Public schools include kindergarten, primary schools, high schools and universities. Almost every state has one high school.

Primary education: for pupils from 07 – 13 years old, it lasts for 06 years.

Junior secondary education: for pupils from 13 – 16 years old, it lasts for 03 years

Vocational education: for students 16 years old and above, it lasts for 16 years

After finishing Junior secondary education, students learn a trade. Course duration depend on each kind of trade. There is a great variety of trades, from manual work to office work. Students have chances to practice in factories and enterprises. After finishing their course, they can find for themselves a suitable job or continue to higher levels at high schools or technical colleges.

Senior secondary education: for students from 13 to 19 years old.

All high school students study for 4.5 years. After graduating, they will be granted a diploma of the Swiss Confederation.

University education: for students 19 years old and above

After finishing secondary education, students will be granted a diploma of Swiss Confederation. After obtaining this diploma, students can continue to study at universities. Duration of university programs is often 04 years.

After finishing the programs in Switzerland, students will have skills and experience to get a good job as desired.

Post-graduate programs:

After graduating from universities, you can continue to study in 01 year to obtain a Master degree. Then, you can study in one more year to attain a PhD.

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