How to choose the right place for overseas study consultancy

At present there are many companies providing inappropriate consultancy bringing disadvantageous results to clients. In order to help parents and students to choose the right place to put all their hope, some advice of experts in overseas study consultancy is presented below. 

When building a house, you can change it later. But when you invest in education, think carefully. Overseas study is an effective way to approach advanced education in the world. Therefore, effective consultancy and service are crucial – it can change the whole future of your children. It is strongly advised that you should make a right investment!
When choosing a company for consultancy on your case, besides considering its history and achievements, you should learn more information about it via mass media, your relatives and education managing agencies. But the most important is that you should visit the company in person. Through the staff’s direct counseling and serving, parents and students can judge the professionalism and effectiveness of the company before making a final decision.
How to determine the overseas study objective of your children effectively (regarding their capacity, English skills, study expenses, accommodation, how to choose a school, how to manage their children)? 
Overseas study must be the children’s real desire, not the parents’ own desire, which is the most significant thing to decide the children’s success. Children’s desire together with your family’s financial and spiritual support will give your children a great strength to make much stable progress in their study.
According to each student’s capacity, parents set up a suitable plan of study for him/her. First of all, an effective study plan must be suitable for the student’s study capacity, career orientation and desire. Then, you should consider your family’s finance to choose a training program with a suitable tuition.
As for how to manage children studying abroad, parents can ask overseas study consultancies to communicate between your family and the school where your children are studying. However, the most effective way is to communicate frequently (via chatting online, phoning, etc) so that you could know your children’s thoughts and difficulties to support them in time.
Many parents tend to send their child to famous schools requiring expensive tuition, is it reasonable?
It is advisable to choose a school benefiting your child’s study plan the most. The most famous school is not always the most suitable school for your child. Help your children approach an advanced education in a learning environment suitable for their capacity. It is not reasonable to choose a famous school with high tuition fee if it is not suitable for your children’s learning capacity.
We hope that overseas study dream of Vietnamese pupils and students will soon come true.

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