Study Promotion – 2014 Canadian overseas study

2014 Canadian overseas study with many attractive study promotions from Asia – Europe Company – Canada is among prosperous countries and has an advanced education system. There are many reasons why this top 10 world most economically powerful country becomes an ideal destination for international students.

Advantages of studying in Canada:
- Studying in an internationally standardised education environment with strictly tested quality and being able to open any doors with a diploma from a Canadian university, which is evaluated as American diploma and other most developed countries.
- Canadian education system and living standards are considered the best of the world; however, its living expenses and tuition fee are often lower than other countries’, especially the UK and US.
- With a letter of mandate from a host company, many foreign students could work and live in Canada. For further information about immigration, please visit the website of Citizenship and Immigration Canada.


Students’ benefits from applying for Canadian overseas study at Asia – Europe Company:

• Airline ticket support.

• Free documents.

• Free-of-charge consulting.

• Free-of-charge guidance for financial capability demonstration.

• Free-of-charge completing of Visa application.

Visa-granting rate through Asia – Europe Company is especially almost absolute.

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