Study Promotion – 2014 UK overseas study

2014 UK overseas study with many attractive study promotions from Asia – Europe Company – UK is one of the overseas study destinations which are critically acclaimed for their diplomas and most attractive advantages concerning international students.

Advantages of studying in the UK:
- UK international students’ diplomas are recognised all over the world. UK’s topmost education quality along with a chance to experience an active and practical environment is also an added benefit for UK overseas study.
- UK’s programmes are of the highest quality standard in the world. The quality is guaranteed by the government with many organisations’ support and strictly evaluation mechanism.
- One highlight of UK overseas study is that the study time of most undergraduate courses is 3 years and of postgraduate ones is 1-2 years. Therefore, students can save some tuition fee as well as household expenses, graduate and start their career earlier.
- Comprehensive support policy for international students including scheduled international office, international students’ organisations, social activities, etc, as well as academic and service support when needed.


Students’ benefits from applying for UK overseas study at Asia – Europe Company:

• Free-of-charge service.

• Airline ticket support.

• Visa review fee support.

• Free documents.

• Free-of-charge consulting.

• Free-of-charge completing of Visa application.

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