Notices on purchasing air ticket to study abroad

1. Purchasing an air ticket: You shouldn’t buy a ticket if you have’t got a student visa. But you can book a ticket in advance. There are several airlines for you to choose but the airfare is different. The favourite airlines are Vietnam Airlines, Singapore Airlines, China Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Thai Airways... Tax and airport fee are not included in the airfare


Post – study work visa 2013 for international students in Australia

Post – study work (PSW) is available from early 2013 or called subclass 485 visa. The visa allows student to work in Australia from 2 to 4 years after graduation.


Preparation for overseas study

1. Improve your English: English is an international language so it plays a very important role. If you are too weak at English, it’s very difficult for you to pass an interview or succeed in your studies. 


Types of scholarship

Most of us think that full scholarship is 100% tution. It is not true as in addition to 100% tution supported, students will be funded living expenses such as accommodation, food, health insurance.


How to apply for a scholarship to study in the US?

I. Factors deciding your success: your plan to prepare for personal ability Applying for a scholarship is a long journey that you must have determination. Some students start to prepare application for a scholarship at Grade 8 or Grade 9 as there’s large volume of applications from Vietnam and the competion becomes more and more drastically.


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