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Are you ready to study abroad?

Thứ hai, 23/09/2013, 11:11 GMT+7

Are you ready to study abroad?

You are about to study abroad, but still confused; do not know what to prepare for your journey of acquiring knowledge in a foreign country. Below are some pieces of advice that may help you to disentangle. 

Get yourself psyched before entering a new environment
When entering a new culture quite different from Oriental cultures and Vietnamese cultures, some students feel so confused because there are many differences such as: different people, languages, food, especially different cultures. The feelings of loneliness, homesickness and even the desire of returning to Vietnam often appear in many students.
To overcome these spiritual obstacles and bridge the cultural gap, before studying aboard, you should get yourselves psyched to welcome every difference, and consider it as a chance to accumulate life experience for yourselves. After experiencing this feeling, you will see that what I say is reasonable. Bear in mind that you will have to live in such an environment until the end of your course. Therefore, it is best to try to adapt and live happily in that environment. After overcoming this barrier, you will have a spiritual balance. You should be daring and open-minded and never keep timidity, a character of most Vietnamese people.
Determine your purpose of overseas study
Before deciding to study overseas, you should prepare for yourselves a stable knowledge of your major and relevant social and cultural knowledge. Remember that knowledge is never unnecessary. You should not stop your study in Vietnam when you have not obtained a visa for overseas study. In reality, many students stop their study in Vietnam right when they have intention to study abroad. Moreover, foreign language is the most effective means helping you quickly adapt to the new environment, especially keep up with learning pace in foreign countries. Therefore, you should have a high level of proficiency in English before studying abroad.
When studying abroad, what should you bring?
First things are important documents such as entry visa, passport, and letter of admission, academic documents, identification papers and financial evidences. Put your passport, airplane ticket, personal and important documents, etc. in your handbag. Put things to be declared to the customs into a briefcase. Lock and put a note with your name, address, telephone number on luggage. Generally, you shall restrict the quantity of luggage when flying, so you should bring the most necessary things only. Besides, remember to bring other essential things such as clothes, eating tools, fast food in case you are not familiar to foreign food and medicine (treating common illnesses such as headache, stomachache, flu, etc)
When entering new country?
Contact your family to inform your condition immediately, and then arrange accommodation. Each university has an international student office; you should go there to inform that you have arrived and register to attend an orientation session organized by the university. Remember to use your student ID card and preferential discount card (if any), many countries offer student special favors, do not miss this chance.
Select a place to stay
Along with adapting to new culture, overseas students also should settle their accommodation. There is a Vietnamese saying which goes like this “Have a stable house first, then you can work well”, it is always right every time and everywhere. As knowing that you are admitted to university, you have to think about which kind of accommodation is the most convenient during your study period. Most of universities have a person responsible for arranging accommodation for international students. In general, there are kinds of accommodation:
  • Dormitory
  • Boarding house
  • Home-stay (stay with native people)
How to study abroad
The method of studying abroad is that you will self-study and research many documents. It requires you to be creative. In spite of not seeing old friends, you will have many chances to communicate with international friends, so the demand for friends will be satisfied. Do not hesitate to talk to foreign professors. They are always willing to help international students and sympathize with your language restriction.
Determine that you go there to study, not to travel. Try your best to finish your course except some unexpected circumstances. Do not interrupt or move to another major because it will waste a lot of time and money. Overseas study is different from study in Vietnam in some aspects. Students have to be very active, foreign teachers always hope that their students join discussion, rise questions in every class. Moreover, teachers will support students at the room for study and self-research. If students meet difficulty in understanding lessons, they can ask their teacher to explain them until they grasp them.
Part-time jobs
Each country has its own regulations about international students’ part-time job. For instance, in England, Australia, their government regulates that overseas students are permitted to do part-time job with 20 hours or 40 hours per week on holidays, summer holidays, Canada permits working 20 hours per week, working full time on holidays, summer holidays. Part-time job depends on English skill and flexibility of student. If you are healthy enough, you could work to pay for 40% to 60% of accommodation fee by yourself. However, you should also determine that you go abroad to study, not to work or travel. Do not be too keen on earning money and traveling; do not ignore your study.
Each country has different characteristics; you should search for information about the country where you want to study through newspapers, internet, and websites specializing in overseas study or at the education promotion office of consulates. Remember that professional overseas study companies are an effective and exact connection in information for you to study abroad. You should consult them before studying in foreign countries.
Wish you good luck and success!

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