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How to get success in an interview for a student visa

Thứ hai, 23/09/2013, 11:18 GMT+7

How to get success in an interview for a student visa

Nowadays, many Vietnamese students want to study in the US by support of scholarships or their own expenses. The following are some hints helping you go through one of the most difficult stages when you apply for a US visa, that is your interview with visa officer.

First of all, you should carefully read instructions of the Consulate, then bring all required documents upon your interview. The Consular officers may ask you to show original documents proving that you have been admitted to an American school and you have enough finance to pay for your study expenses so that you will not ask for aid from the US social welfare system.
What questions can you encounter during the interview?
Many people are worried because they do not know what they will be questioned about and how to answer due to the two following reasons: First, your English skills are not good, especially during the interview your nervousness will make you misunderstand the officer’s questions; second, you do not know how to make the best answers.
You should clearly determine the purpose of your overseas study and remember your study programs. If you are postgraduate students, you must complete your research topic and plan, future application of your research results in Vietnam. Below are some questions the visa officer may ask you:
1. Where will you study and what is your major?
2. What will you do with the knowledge and experience obtained after finishing your studies?
3. Is this the first time you apply for a US visa?
If the answer is “No”, the next questions can be: When did you first travel to the US? What is the purpose of that travel? Where did you study / work? How long did you stay in America?
4. Do you plan to settle in America after completing your studies?
5. What guarantees that you can pursue the program you chose?
6. Can your family or sponsor have enough finance to pay for expenses of your studies?
7. If your application mentions your sponsor’s name, you may be asked: how is he/she related to you? What expenses will he/she pay for you, and for how long?
8. Do you have any relatives in America? If yes, what are they doing there?
9. When will you graduate/ finish your studies?
10.Where will you be your first destination in America?

There are many more questions arising during the interview, relevant to the information you provide in your answers, your attitude and the impression you make on the visa officer.
You should carefully analyze the questions to find out the most suitable answers satisfying the officer’s requirements.
The most important thing is that you must make a good impression during the interview because the officer has the right to refuse you a visa due to “personal reasons”, in other words, you did not make a good impression of yourself.
How to make a good impression?
Be calm and confident, get neatly-dressed. Make direct eye contact with the officer when answering him. It is advisable that the answers be brief, honest and to the point.
What causes may result in visa refusal?
There are two main reasons:
1) You do not have enough finance.
2) You fail to prove that you do not plan to settle in America.
If the officer think that you do not have enough finance, your visa application will be refused. Therefore, you must prove that you have enough finance to pay for tuition fee, accommodation, travel, books and health insurance.
It is recommended that you bring certificates of the bank or evidencing documents of the school or organization granting you scholarships.
American Laws permit the visa officers not to grant visa to those who they think are planning to settle in America.
Proving that you do not bear that intention in mind means persuading the officer that you will certainly return to Vietnam.
The best way to convince him is to show documents evidencing that your present workplace or a certain organization will recruit you after you finish your studies.
The second way is that you show the officer that you have special bonds with your family in Vietnam; for example, you are the eldest child or the only child, the one that is responsible for taking care of your parents when they get old, or your parents’ bad health conditions (if any). These are some reasons that can make the officer believe in your return.
One more possible reason is that you have firm financial ties here: You own big property, or you are investing in some company (please note that that property is not the one used to pay for the expenses of your courses).
Finally, you should convince the officer that you have a good habit of always returning to your home after finishing your trips. You should show him your passport, which has many seals of exit and entry, that will help assert your style of traveling.
What should you do if you are not granted a visa?
You should request the officer to clearly state the reasons for his refusal in writings, and then inform your school or the place where you will work and research. They can help to make clear misunderstanding (if any) so that you could be granted a visa.
Above are some hints helping you train your skill of answering interview questions. Each person has a different situation, circumstance, analysis and behavior. But if you make a good preparation, you will stand a great chance of succeeding.
Wish you success.

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