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Why choose to study in New Zealand?

With the current situation of higher education in Vietnam, more shortcomings exists, the choice of studying abroad for your children has become the trend and goal of many parents.

Ideal learning environment in New Zealand

New Zealand is a country heavily influenced by British education, so the quality of training here is very professional and New Zealand qualifications are recognized worldwide.

New Zealand is a multicultural, multiracial, so learning here will be a great experience when having chance to make friends with many people with different cultures.

Tại sao phải lựa chọn du học New Zealand?

New Zealand’s area is equal to Vietnam but the population is only 4.5 million, so the population density here is very low, you will not have to encounter many problems such as finding accommodation, traffic congestion, etc. as in Vietnam. In class, the number of students is small, so you will get more attention from the lecturer.

One of the reasons parents want their children to study in New Zealand is a healthy environment, with few places to play like the US, Australia or Europe.

In addition to studying, students can work more than 20 hours a day. After graduation, you can stay for 1 year and then have the opportunity to settle under New Zealand's Skilled Immigration Policy.

Low learning costs

While the dollar is increasing, the NZD is still stable, so the cost of studying in New Zealand is usually 70% lower than the US but the quality of training is still guaranteed. Studying here you will find it easier to breathe.

Tại sao phải lựa chọn du học New Zealand?

The NZD is still stable despite the volatility of the world financial market.

Ability to get a high school student visa

According to statistics from the New Zealand Consulate's Visa Office in Ho Chi Minh City, up to 85% of the visas have been issued. This shows that the New Zealand Government always welcomes international students to study and work.

Asia Europe Co., Ltd is an overseas study consultant with more than 20 years of experience has received many great and small awards from many prestigious organizations in the country. With our experience and professionalism, we have been and continue to stick with the career of leading knowledge for Vietnamese students and students. Please contact us if you are planning to study in New Zealand but there are still many things that are not thorough, we will advise and help make a visa application for you.

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