US overseas study - Is it hard and costly to study in the US?

“Is it hard and costly to study in the US?” Many parents are worried about this and the procedures and processes relating to overseas study in this country. When students don’t have a specific study plan and suitable financial profile, they will be disqualified from the first interview.


US overseas study – Working procedures and preparation of documents

If you want to apply for a US student visa, you can come to the office of Asia Europe Co., Ltd. Consultants will help you carry out the procedures step by step quickly and efficiently.


America educational system

The United States offers international students a great variety of study options. The US education system requires students to complete 12-year primary and high school program before they enter universities.


The United States

Located in North America, the United States is a world power with the leading educational system in the world. It has many prestigious schools, colleges and universities providing all speciality programs for students,and their degrees are recognized over the world. Moreover, American English is currently an official language in international transactions.


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