Testimonials 2009:

01. I am Vu Cao The. I would like to express my gratitude to Asia-Europe Company who helps me in fulfilling my dream. I wish your company strength and development in order to help the youth’s dreams come true and contribute to Vietnam ’s development more and more.
04 February 2009
Vu Cao The
02. We are grateful to your company for helping my child enthusiastically in preparing Australia overseas study dossier and helping me become a guardian of my child. I will introduce your company to my relatives and friends.
Nguyen Thi Trai
03. I would like to send all the company’s staff (especially female staff) my best wishes of good health, luck and success for a New Year - The Year of Buffalo.
I sincerely thank Ms. Kim Phuong who has helped me much in preparing overseas study dossier.
Truong Thi Tu Anh
04. My name is Tran Thanh Hung. I have a dream of studying in Australia.
After considering many overseas study companies, I recognized that this company would be a right place for me to put my belief in
I would like to express my gratitude to all company’s staff who have helped me so much during the past time. I wish the company success to help many dreams come true.
11 February 2009
Tran Thanh Hung
05. I sincerely thank the company for creating conditions and helping enthusiastically in preparing my overseas study dossier.
All the company’s staff, especially Ms. Quy, have helped me much. My family and I thank the Company so much. I wish the company development and success.
Overseas student
Le Thi Bao Yen
06. I am a parent of Ha Phuong Khanh, an overseas student in Australia. I am grateful to the enthusiasm of your company’s staff for helping my child in applying for a student visa to study High School Program in Australia. Today, 20 February 2009, I once again thank you for helping my daughter start her study in Queensland, Australia on time
Sincerely thanks,
Ha Van Long
07. I am Nguyen Thanh Luan, an overseas student in Australia. I’m so happy when completing procedures for applying for a student visa thanks to help of Asia-Europe Company’s staff who have consulted and helped me enthusiastically. Firstly, I wish the company more and more success. I also wish you will help other students’ dreams of studying overseas come true.
Finally, I wish Asia-Europe Company’s staff good health, success and luck in your work.
Nguyen Thanh Luan
08. My family have you apply for a US student visa and visitor visa. We are very happy when your company helps us to complete the application well and gets the visas successfully. I sincerely thank all the company’s staff and wish you good health and luck in this year.
Pham Thi Thu Huong
09. I, Nguyen Dinh Tien, have asked for the help in applying for a student visa from Asia-Europe Company. I sincerely thank for the enthusiasm for helping me fulfill my dream of studying overseas.
I hope the company will continue developing to help many students study overseas and return to Vietnam to contribute to the home country
Ho Chi Minh City, 17 February 2009
Nguyen Dinh Tien
10. I know Asia-Europe Company through a friend of mine who had the company apply for a student visa.
I am very happy to be acquainted with the company’s staff, especially Ms. Yen and Ms. Chi. I am issued a visa in the first interview. I would like to thank you and send wishes to the company.
Huynh Tuyet Mai

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