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List of high schools in USA

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1 Andrews Osborne School (Willoughby)
2 Annie Wright School (Tacoma)
3 Auburn Adventist Academy (Auburn)
4 Bellevue Christian School (Clyde Hill)
5 Edmonds Community College (Lynnwood)
6 Lynden Christian School (Lynden)
7 Besant Hill of Happy Valley (Ojai)
8 Monte Vista Christian School (Watsonville)
9 Alma Height Christian School (Pacifica)
10 Capistrano Valley Christian School
12 Christian Unified School of San Diego
13 Eldorado Emerson (Orange)
14 Fairmont Academy (Onaheim)
15 Justin Siena High School (Napa)
16 Quarry Lane (Dublin)
17 Burr and Burton Academy (Manchester)
18 Canyonville Christian Academy (Canyonville)
19 New Hope Christian School (Grants Pass)
20 Christchurch School (Christchurch)
21 Wakefield Country Day School (Flint Hill)
22 Darlington School (Rome)
23 Dominion Christian School (Marietta)
24 Fryeburg Academy (Fryeburg)
25 Washington Academy ( East Machias)
26 Hawaii Preparatory Academy (Kamuela)
27 Lake Forest Academy (L ake Forest)
28 Gateway Legacy Christian Academy
30 Kankakee Trinity Academy (Kankakee)
31 Quad Cities Christian School (Moline)
32 Tri State Christian School  (Galena)
33 Glenholme School (Washington)
34 Marianapolis Academy (Thompson)
35 Florida Air Academy
36 Montverde Academy (Montverde)
37 Community Christian School (Scottbluff)
38 Nebraska Lutheran High School (Waco)
39 Ross School (East Hampton)
40 The Kildonan School (Armenia)
41 Immaculate Heart Central High School
42 Lima Christian School (Lima)
43 Seton Catholic High School (Plattsburgh)
44 Windsor School (Flushing)
45 St. Paul’s Lutheran High School
46 The MacDuffie School (Springfield)
47 Newman Preparatory Academy (Boston)
48 Atlantic Christian School (Egg Harbor)
49 Bethany Christian School (Goshen)
50 Butte Central Catholic School (Butte)
51 St. Croix - Lutheran High School
52 Calvin Christian School (Fridley)
53 Concordia Academy (Roseville)
54 Holy Trinity  High School (Winsted)
55 Hope Christian Academy (Paul Park)
56 Southwest Christian High School (Chaska)
57 Coulee Christian School (West Salem)
58 De La Salle School (New Orleans)
59 Faith Christian School (Grapevine)
60 Phoenix Christian School (Phoenix)
61 Sheriban Academy (Boise)
62 Southfield Christian School (Southfield)


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