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Advice for studying abroad

Thứ hai, 23/09/2013, 11:16 GMT+7

Advice for studying abroad

When you study in your home country, generally you only note down your teachers’ lectures. The most difficult problem that Vietnamese students shall face is to get acquainted with a new teaching method, student-centered method, when studying in Europe, the USA, Australia or Singapore, etc.

In schools of foreign countries, there is frequent interaction between teachers and students. Students not only listen to teachers’ words, but also must be active in acquiring knowledge to exchange and discuss with teachers. Besides, students can also make appointments with teachers to meet them outside the class and discuss academic matters. Therefore, Asian students have more chances to learn from foreign teachers.
An overseas student, Le Thi Kim Ngan at Johnson & Wales University, the USA, said: “To avoid stress due to change in study method, I set for myself a requirement that I must complete all exercises in the day; because if I indulge in games even a little, I will have to do many exercises the next day and it will be very tired to study. If I feel bored when studying at home, I will go to the library because the atmosphere there is suitable for my study”.
Most overseas students said that besides make use of every  minute by minute, second by second for study, you should keep this opinion to take part in other community activities. It not only helps you relax your mind, avoid stress in study, but also help you apply for a scholarship later, have a good chance to travel to many places, meet many successful businesspersons to gain useful experience.
How to adapt to a new environment quickly:
It is not easy to adapt to a new environment, especially for Vietnamese students with reticent character. It usually takes many students a lot of time to become more expansive. And the way for quick integration is making friends.
Vu Hoai An, a Vietnamese student in Singapore, said that: “you should stay at dormitory and spend time making friends with students from other countries, you will learn many things about lifestyles. I always participate in collective activities at clubs. I had many topics to discuss with other friends. Since then, my relationships develop very much.”
There are students who like the topics related to politics, culture and daily behavior. Many of them found out friends having the same viewpoint with them at “talkative” meetings.
Managing your finance for overseas study:
It’s not easy for some parents to prepare finance for their children’s overseas study. Therefore, the best way to avoid difficulty due to lack of money is that you must consider your financial ability or make a detailed plan of expenditure and apply for part-time jobs.
Nguyen Thi Bich Loan, who is currently studying in Australia, said that: “during the first period of my study in Australia, my family supported all expenses for my study. The expenses were very expensive, my living was rather difficult, and therefore I applied for a part time job. The Australian Government permitted overseas students to work 20 hours per week while studying. I worked on weekend with fairly high wage, I could cover some expenses of my study but it was very hard to cover 100%. If you overworked, it may influence your study”.
Many students write for some Vietnamese newspaper and magazine in Switzerland, England and others work at the library of the school where they are studying or at cake and sweet production factories. With income from these jobs, they can travel around Europe in the summer.
The knowledge about culture of countries is treasure for overseas students who can manage to study and work at the same. The knowledge about arts, history, culture, society, science, etc obtained from trips, is invaluable one which you may not be able to gain if you only read books or normal lessons.
Study abroad is to gain advanced knowledge and live your life meaningfully.

Wish you a perfect future!


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