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Introduction about studying in the Netherlands

With increasing investment for courses taught in English, study in the Netherlands is increasingly attracting international students.

About the Netherlands

The Netherlands, whose full name is the Kingdom of the Netherlands, consists of six islands in Aruba and the Netherlands Antilles in the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Caribbean Sea. The Netherlands is located in the West of Europe, the east borders with Germany, the south borders Belgium, the west and the north borders the North Sea. Therefore, this country became the intersection of the three cultures of Germany, England and France. Going to the Netherlands will surely be a great opportunity for international students to explore the European lifestyle and culture.

The capital of the Netherlands is Amsterdam, known as the center of global art and commerce.


The Netherlands is one of the largest open economies in the world and fifth in global exports: Heineken, Akzo Nobel, Unilever, ING Group, Philips, etc. are giant Dutch companies all over the world.

Multicultural culture

The Netherlands is a multi-ethnic country with 190 different nationalities. This gives the Dutch an open way of living, accepting differences, friendliness and sociability. Cultural diversity also helps the Netherlands as a convergence of many knowledge backgrounds from all over the world.

Dutch is the official language used, but now more than 80% of people can speak English, the rest use some other foreign languages ​​such as German or French. Studying in the Netherlands, you will not only be able to experience a diverse culture but also know some other languages ​​other than English.

Education in the Netherlands

With the centralized teaching method of analyzing and resolving practical issues independently, promoting self-study and self-awareness, most students after completing the study program in the Netherlands can master in-depth theory and practical application comprehensively.

Each year, the Dutch government provides nearly 2.5 billion Euros (USD 2.7 billion) to support important studies conducted by universities, research institutes and private enterprises to promote practical application research.

The Netherlands has three parallel forms of higher education in:

  • University: The Netherlands has 14 universities, including Open University. These schools train students to become scholars and scientists, many academic programs also have a professional part, most graduates find jobs outside research institutes.
  • Professional universities (University of professional education, also known as Hogescholen): Professional universities have training programs for all occupations. The Netherlands has more than 50 professional schools. The school has the largest number of registered students, about 20,000 - 25,000 students.
  • International Education institute: 15 international education institutes in the Netherlands have postgraduate courses in many fields. Courses are taught in English and are designed for foreign students. To be accepted into these courses, students must have a bachelor's degree and many years of work experience. Professional universities and universities also offer international courses taught in English.

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