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Study In Switzerland - The Destination Not To Be Missed

Switzerland is a small country with a small population, limited natural resources, but has the best economy and social security in the world, all thanks to knowledge resources. Understanding this, the Swiss Government has made a huge investment in the nation's "Intellectual Resources".

About the education of Switzerland


Interstate education may be different because states are allowed to plan and implement their own educational policies.

Switzerland is the number one country in the training of banking, finance and hotel tourism. It is the cradle of training a lot of talent at the management level in these areas.

Offering many options for students from undergraduate and postgraduate levels, it is possible to distinguish between specialized and general training or between technical and general schools.

The main language used in higher education in Switzerland is English.

There is a close link between theory and practice.

Practicing a salary for 6 months and receiving an international degree after graduation.

Why is Switzerland a destination not to be missed to study abroad?

Switzerland is a neutral country, has a stable political regime, a peaceful life, ensuring a smooth study abroad.

Professional training model, helping students develop knowledge, gaining experience.

Internships are paid with an average income of about $ 1,500 to $ 2,000 a month, especially for students in the tourism and hospitality industry who experience the working environment of leading Swiss or European hotels. In fact, 90% of the world's top hotel managers are graduated in Switzerland.

Another advantage when studying in Switzerland is that you can study all year round, usually schools in Switzerland start twice and January - February and August - September 9, even some schools start 3-4 times to create more conditions for you to choose the appropriate admission time.

In order for Vietnamese students and students to receive advice and guidance on how to choose careers suitable to their aspirations, Asia-Europe Overseas Study Co., Ltd with over 20 years of experience in the field of study abroad is willing to share with you the latest Switzerland study abroad information, ready to help you in applying for a student visa and preparing for an interview for you. You need to contact Asia-Europe Overseas Study Co., Ltd for advice and complete the application for free service; Besides, the company and the Swiss education system also support air tickets

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