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Pre-departure - Valuable basis studying abroad

“Overseas study is the road to new knowledge with many difficulties and challenges that only people who truly understand worthy values obtained from studying abroad can gain,” confirmed Mr Van Khac Thong, Director of Asia – Europe Company.


Advice for studying abroad

When you study in your home country, generally you only note down your teachers’ lectures. The most difficult problem that Vietnamese students shall face is to get acquainted with a new teaching method, student-centered method, when studying in Europe, the USA, Australia or Singapore, etc.


How to choose the right place for overseas study consultancy

At present there are many companies providing inappropriate consultancy bringing disadvantageous results to clients. In order to help parents and students to choose the right place to put all their hope, some advice of experts in overseas study consultancy is presented below. 


Are you ready to study abroad?

You are about to study abroad, but still confused; do not know what to prepare for your journey of acquiring knowledge in a foreign country. Below are some pieces of advice that may help you to disentangle. 


Overseas study – intellectual way

The more developed the society is, the better the living standards are. There is a great need for learning and discovering new things of life. The present generation of students is greatly influenced by this tendency. In order to keep with the tempo of life, they need to change their thinking, their way of life and their point of view. Firstly, they have realized that study is the only way to ...


Living with homestay family while studying abroad

Five benefits from living with homestay family as below:


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