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Pre-departure - Valuable basis studying abroad

“Overseas study is the road to new knowledge with many difficulties and challenges that only people who truly understand worthy values obtained from studying abroad can gain,” confirmed Mr Van Khac Thong, Director of Asia – Europe Company.


Try with all your efforts

Nowadays, the recruitment tendency of employers is based on not only applicants’ academic results but also their experience as well as their dynamic personality. Besides, everything is more and more expensive, which affects much everybody’s life and activities, especially the students’ including overseas students’ in the developed countries. Therefore, when being students, ...


Australian experience

With a developed economy, education system ranked among the best of the world, stable politics, temperate climate, clean environment, multi-ethnic culture, friendly people, and excitement of cities, Australia becomes an ideal place for international students and tourists.


Journey to the future

Wishing to learn and explore new things, new life styles and experience, etc. There are many reasons why youths choose to study abroad and are eager to enter a new life, which has new experience, is full of new knowledge and new things from surrounding people


Notices on purchasing air ticket to study abroad

1. Purchasing an air ticket: You shouldn’t buy a ticket if you have’t got a student visa. But you can book a ticket in advance. There are several airlines for you to choose but the airfare is different. The favourite airlines are Vietnam Airlines, Singapore Airlines, China Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Thai Airways... Tax and airport fee are not included in the airfare


Asia-Europe Company – ‘A steadily-developed enterprise in 2009’

Nowadays, economic integration has created great chances and challenges for Vietnamese enterprises. To achieve success, the enterprises should take advantages of their strong points, enhance their knowledge, technology, managerial science, and recognize difficulties and advantages to develop steadily.


We are proud to be the best in what we are doing

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