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Pre-departure - Valuable basis studying abroad

“Overseas study is the road to new knowledge with many difficulties and challenges that only people who truly understand worthy values obtained from studying abroad can gain,” confirmed Mr Van Khac Thong, Director of Asia – Europe Company.


Share joy to have great happiness

In the New Year, everybody is jubilant and wishes to have a life of comfort. Children wish to have new clothes, candies and lucky money, etc. But not only has everybody little and simple happiness like that, especially, poor children have difficulties orphanage. 


Asia – Europe Company: Festival of consultation - career guidance, Ho Chi Minh City

On 27 February 2010, the 4th festival of consultation – career guidance, Ho Chi Minh City 2010 was opened at University of Technology Ho Chi Minh City. The festival attracted tens of thousands of students and their parents. It was held by Tuoi Tre Newspapers, Ministry of Education and Training, Department of Education and Training Ho Chi Minh City and University of Technology. 


The pride of vietnamese intellect

ASIA – EUROPE COMPANY congratulates Professor NGO BAO CHAU on his Fields Medal and offers 50,000,000 VND to Education Fund


Post – study work visa 2013 for international students in Australia

Post – study work (PSW) is available from early 2013 or called subclass 485 visa. The visa allows student to work in Australia from 2 to 4 years after graduation.


Preparation for overseas study

1. Improve your English: English is an international language so it plays a very important role. If you are too weak at English, it’s very difficult for you to pass an interview or succeed in your studies. 


We are proud to be the best in what we are doing

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