Scholarship of Queensland University of Technology

Kind of scholarship: master and bachelor of these majors: Creative industries, Media & Communication, Journalism, Design.
Costing: 25% tuition fee of term 1 and 25% tuition fee of every continuing term if having the high GPA.
Quantity: unlimited
Course: term 1 of 2014 – term 1 of 2015
Candidate:  the average mark of high school is 9/10, bachelor is 6/7, meeting IELTS requirement (less: 6.0)
Informations about school: being one of the list 41 schools supported by the government, Queensland University of Technology (QUT) is one of the the most reputation of Kanguroo country. QUT currently has about 40,000 students, in which over 7,000 is international student coming from 100 country on the world.
Founded in 1908, QUT is the only university in Australia received 03 international trophies about training of business and economics major, such as: AACSB, EQUIS, and Association of MBAs. It ranks 67th in the universities are leading quality of technology major.

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