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Canadian overseas study – Working procedures and preparation of documents

With over 14 years of experience in the field of Canadian overseas study consultancy, Asia Europe achieved many standards in international student enrollment.


Australian overseas study – Working procedures and preparation of documents

Australian overseas study – With integration and development tendency, the staff of Asia Europe always improve professional knowledge, equip ourselves with ability to approach professional international working environment to bring students helpful information and carry out your dream of studying abroad effectively and successfully.


US overseas study – Working procedures and preparation of documents

If you want to apply for a US student visa, you can come to the office of Asia Europe Co., Ltd. Consultants will help you carry out the procedures step by step quickly and efficiently.


Switzerland education system

Switzerland attaches great importance to education system and has made the optimum investment in it. Therefore, Switzerland is recognized as one of the countries with the best education system in the world. It is famous for teaching foreign languages, hospitality and tourism management. 


New Zealand education system

Primary and Secondary school Education: Education in New Zealand from Primary school to Secondary school is free and compulsory for all children aged 5 through 16. The school year usually runs from the end of January to mid-December, and is divided into 04 terms.


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