US overseas study – Working procedures and preparation of documents

If you want to apply for a US student visa, you can come to the office of Asia Europe Co., Ltd. Consultants will help you carry out the procedures step by step quickly and efficiently.

Step 1:

Cunsultants of Asia Europe will listen to you and understand your expectation of study and occupation. Consultants will guide you and give you the best advice for your choice.

Step 2:

You will receive general information about American education system. Next, consultants will collect information and detailed evaluation of education background, working experience, history of extracurricula, social activity participation, and financial capacity of your family. After that, you will tell consultants about the city you want to come to, your favorite major and your occupation objectives which are very important. That will help consultants find High Schools or Colleges, Universities suitable for your ability, needs and expectation.

Step 3:

When you have chosen the major and list of schools you want to apply for, consultants of Asia Europe will assist you in applying for offer letter (I-20), following and updating deadlines and other demands of application. Consultants will also help you prepare financial dossier and other documents schools demand for granting I-20.
Step 4:

When getting I-20, you will prepare dossier for student visa application (F1 visa). Consultants will explain regulations of visa application to you, assist you in preparing dossier and more importantly, provide you with helpful information for the interview at the US Consulate.

Step 5:

Consultants will help you fill in the DS 160 form and register interview date online and guide you to pay application fee as well as SEVIS fee for US Department of Homeland Security and give you trial interviews before the interview at the US Consulate.

Step 6:

To help you integrate into student life in the US, consultants will provide you with information about study environment, society and culture of the US as well as useful and important information about currency exchange, accommodation, insurance, medical needs and online subject registration.

Coming to consultancy service of Asia Europe Co., Ltd., we guarantee to give you complete support during preparing dossier.
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