US overseas study - Is it hard and costly to study in the US?

“Is it hard and costly to study in the US?” Many parents are worried about this and the procedures and processes relating to overseas study in this country. When students don’t have a specific study plan and suitable financial profile, they will be disqualified from the first interview.

Asia – Europe Company was established in order to serve the increasing needs for US overseas study. We are very proud to be the leading company in the field of overseas study in Vietnam with more than a dozen years of experience and have successfully sent thousands of students abroad to study.

America attracts a lot of international students.

“This is the time when overseas study service has to be open and explicit, and everyone has the right to be served the standardised quality with an agreeable fee,” emphasised Mr Van Khac Thong, Director of Asia – Europe Company.

With years of experience, Asia – Europe Company is always a trusted companion and leading overseas study consulting company so parents and students can rest assured working with us.

At the present we are associating with a system of American universities with the following study promotion:

• Airline ticket support.

• Free documents.

• Free-of-charge consulting.

• Free-of-charge guidance for financial capability demonstration.

• Free-of-charge completing of Visa application.

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