Pre-departure – Tips for finding and applying for scholarships effectively

Pre-departure – Scholarships are youngsters’ chances to easily study abroad and broaden their knowledge and gain more experiences.

Scholarships are divided into three categories: government scholarship, university scholarship and student support organisation’s scholarship.

Government scholarships are mostly for higher education such as postgraduate, MBA, Doctorate, etc and chances are students would have to be really excellent in order to receive this scholarship. That is why university students usually look for university scholarships or organisations’ and affiliate programmes’, such as Erasmus (Europe), INTO (UK), etc.

Initiatively looking for scholarships

You are looking for scholarships, so you have to be proactively researching information. Your source of information is universities’ websites, overseas study forums and educational websites. You will find out more about majors, exams and necessary certificates, universities’ rankings, minimum requirements to be granted a scholarship, etc.

To easily study abroad you should actively looking for scholarships.

Moreover, an easier way for you is look come to a prestigious overseas study consulting company. Parents and students will receive useful advice about planning and financial solutions. Large consulting companies will bring you more chances to look for scholarships because they are associated with large international organisations.

Carefully prepare scholarship profile

A scholarship profile includes passport, high school diploma, transcript, English certificate, CV, certificate of merit, extracurricular activity certificate, letter of recommendation, essays, application form, other certificates such as IFY, A – Level, etc.


Studying abroad, you will bring more values than the certificates you receive.

You should consider your capacity to decide which school and major to apply to. Scholarship profiles should be prepare extremely carefully and show your strengths and why you are worthy of receiving the scholarship. After preparing a complete profile, you should send it 3 weeks before the deadline. This is to avoid documents getting lost or being disqualified so you will have time to submit supplemental information.

Finally, you could seek help from friends, teachers or overseas study consulting companies to get closer to your dream of studying abroad.

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