Pre-departure - Valuable basis studying abroad

“Overseas study is the road to new knowledge with many difficulties and challenges that only people who truly understand worthy values obtained from studying abroad can gain,” confirmed Mr Van Khac Thong, Director of Asia – Europe Company.


Pre-departure – Tips for finding and applying for scholarships effectively

Pre-departure – Scholarships are youngsters’ chances to easily study abroad and broaden their knowledge and gain more experiences.


Top 16 schools with students paid highest salary in the US

Many overseas students in the US dream about studying in an advanced, modern education and jobs with high-paid salary.


Pre-departure – Saving method for overseas study

In fact, the crisis of global economy and difficulties in our country make students desire to study abroad. The matter is parents and students who intend to study abroad always care about how to save money for overseas study.


Finding a scholarship

Today, since study expenses are on the increase in countries, finding a scholarship is a solution which a great number of parents and students are concerned about. There are many kinds of scholarship that are classified according to age, degree, ethnic group, religion, etc. Therefore, there are different requirements for each kind of scholarship. Every student can search for himself a ...


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