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Journey to the future

Thứ hai, 23/09/2013, 10:59 GMT+7

Journey to the future

Wishing to learn and explore new things, new life styles and experience, etc. There are many reasons why youths choose to study abroad and are eager to enter a new life, which has new experience, is full of new knowledge and new things from surrounding people

However, the new life also contains many things to do and challenges! “Nobody wakes me up every morning, I must go shopping, do cooking on my own, and I must spend a lot of time in learning to keep pace with other students. Every thing is not as easy as I thought”. Or as confided by another Vietnamese overseas student: “in the first days, when I saw a mother rubbing her son’s head, I felt moved to tears’.
Vietnamese students who are accustomed to care of their family still do not have a good ability to self-study as other international students. If their family and school do not care about them, they can easily ignore learning and get involved into other things. If they do try to study, they certainly will be left behind in the highly competitive learning environment of advanced education system, they will waste a lot of time and money. This is also a worry of parents who have let their children study abroad.
Carrying encouragement words of parents, some dried fish, Vietnamese cakes and regards of parents for their children, Ms. Nguyen Pham Thu Thuy, Managing Director of Asia – Europe Co., Ltd traveled to Australia to visit Vietnamese students studying there in early September 2008. Then she brought back a lot of pictures, confidences, thanks and experience of young overseas students in that country.
There is a big difference between living standard of Australia and that of Vietnam, I must manage my expenditure, and I understand why my parents always remind me to be thrifty, I highly appreciate my parents’ effort. “Certainly I will try my best to study” said Nguyen Thi Kim Hue, who is studying at SIBT, Australia. Another student, Ly Bach Van, who is attending a Business Management diploma program at PIBT, said: “how wonderful it is to experience and learn about cultures from other students. I worked 17 hours a week while I am studying, the money I earned from a part-time job helps me pay for living expenses and reduce financial burden of my parents’.
Despite of these difficulties and worries, they have learned and experienced a great number of things from this new life, so the difficulties do not really matter to them. Therefore, the youth’s need to study abroad is increasing more and more, and it is not limited to those who are excellent students. They realize that they must change their way of thinking, living style and viewpoint in order not to be left behind by the surrounding life, especially when the chances of overseas study are within their reach.
Ms. Nguyen Pham Thu Thuy, Managing Director of Asia – Europe Co., Ltd, said: “We examine living and learning conditions, training programs of schools before sending students there, then we visit them to know their living and learning in reality. That’s the way of service we always bear in mind – ‘Consider clients as our relatives” – which helps us keep the reputation as the leading company in overseas study consultancy in Vietnam during the past time. And that’s also the way we have accompanied and are accompanying with Vietnamese youth on their journey to the future.

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