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Pre-departure - Valuable basis studying abroad

Thứ sáu, 21/02/2014, 14:38 GMT+7

Pre-departure - Valuable basis studying abroad

“Overseas study is the road to new knowledge with many difficulties and challenges that only people who truly understand worthy values obtained from studying abroad can gain,” confirmed Mr Van Khac Thong, Director of Asia – Europe Company.

International students can acquire precious experiences and lessons from studying and living in developed countries which can help them in their work and life in the future.

Deciding to study abroad, each student should determine their own goals and changes needed to adapt to their new life. Difficulties will gradually change them and make them more perfect in many aspects. Students should also understand what needs to be done and the opportunities that only international students can gain:

An opportunity to learn a new language

In a multi-cultural environment, students will have difficulties communicating, studying as well as exchanging information using a second language. Besides, European economic universities view languages as very important, for example, to graduate from INSEAD, you need to communicate fluently using a second language and have basic knowledge about a third language.

Study abroad leads to a new horizon and new knowledge

Develop another major

Economic institutes, with their full-time MBA in 2 years, will provide students with internship opportunities and experiences in their concerned field of study during their summertime. Upon graduation, students can easily find a job that suits their major, or they can apply what they have learned to business after returning to Vietnam, according to Asia – Europe Company.

Explore new life to perfect one’s self

“Studying abroad, each student will have more positive feelings and thoughts about life as well as adjust one’s self to be perfect,” said Ms Huong – Consultant at Asia – Europe Company. Students will be more active in learning, researching and applying their knowledge. They will also have more chances to meet and communicate with new friends from different countries. This will lead to a new horizon with more sharing, connections from friends as well as precious living experiences.

Besides diplomas, students can gain many precious living experiences.

Choose a prestigious overseas study consulting company

Today, self-sufficient overseas study is becoming popular; however, many parents are still worried about choosing a good school which suits their children’s potentials, the enrolment regulations of the school and law of the host country which therefore, halt their intention of sending their children abroad. Besides, they need to provide sufficient legal documents in order to get visa interviewer’s approval.

Many overseas study consulting companies have been established to realise students’ dreams. Asia –Europe Company is a high-quality consulting company for over 14 years and is mentioned regularly in the mass media.

“Besides meeting the criteria of a professional overseas study service company, Asia – Europe Company is also committed to its customers through “Develop education, raising knowledge level” mission. We always uphold our sense of responsibility and professional ethics when working with any customer. Each profile we are entrusted is a lofty mission and becomes our brand pride which we always try to bring to customers. All those efforts will create a premise which helps overseas study become more rational, effective and economical,” said Mr Van Khac Thong.

Minh Nguyet (Asia – Europe Company)

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