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Are you looking for a reputable Singapore study abroad consulting company in Ho Chi Minh City?

Do you want to get experience in the learning environment that is different from North America or Europe? You want to study overseas in a country near Vietnam with low cost? Studying in Singapore is the most practical answer to your problems! With nearly 02 decades of experience in the field of overseas study consultancy, Asia Europe - The prestigious consulting company in Ho Chi Minh City especially for who want to study in Singapore will give you a closer view of studying abroad in this country.

Introduction of Singapore

Singapore is an island in Southeast Asia covering an area of 719.9 km2. The island is located in the Southern Coast of Malaysia. Singapore Territory consists of a rhombic coup and about 60 smaller islands.

Singapore is only 137 km from the equator, so there is a typical humid equatorial climate. Characteristics of this type of climate are stable temperature and pressure, high humidity and heavy rain. Temperatures vary between 22 ° C and 31 ° C. The weather is not too different from which from Vietnam so students can quickly adapt to the weather here.

Singapore has 4 official languages: English, Malay, Mandarin and Tamil. However, English is a common language in this island and is the official language used in business activities and teaching in schools. Therefore, when studying in Singapore, students need to meet the school’s requirement or they can study English courses before entering the academic course.


The distance between cities Ho Chi Minh City and Singapore is about 1094 km (about 2 hours by flight). This is one of the favorable conditions for moving and saving costs when choosing Singapore for studying abroad.

The island not only has advanced education, fresh environment in the world, Singapore also owns many famous tourist destinations such as Sentosa Island, Universal Studio Singapore, Merlion Lion Statue, Marina Complex Area. Bay Sands, ...


Conditions for studying in Singapore

In general, conditions and requirements for studying in Singapore are somehow "easier to breathe" than other advanced countries, specifically:

- Educational level: graduated from primary school (grade 5)

- Have strong desire for studying and financial ability to cover expenses.

- Good health.

- No need for IELTS and TOEFL English scores

- No need to prove the family's monthly income


Asia-Europe Overseas Study Company is now one of the leading companies in the field of overseas study. In Vietnam, there are not many companies with nearly 20 years of experience like Asia-Europe. Because of this, more than anyone else, Asia-Europe understands clearly the best conditions, procedures and documents to prepare to support young people to achieve their study abroad goals. In the Singapore market, the rate of successful dossiers supported by Asia-Europe and approved to get admission by the Immigration Department almost absolute. Asia-Europe partners are all top quality schools in Singapore, thus, young people can be assured of finding a suitable learning environment with their own capabilities and a brighter future.


Process - Procedures for studying in Singapore at Asia- Europe Company

Nowadays, the procedure for studying in Singapore is relatively quick and simple than other countries. At Asia-Europe Company, Parents and students will be guided enthusiastically from the first steps until you come to Singapore.

Step 1: Searching information

This is the first step that parents and students will be guided by the company's counselors to learn about Singapore education system in general. After that, the counselor will consider and evaluate the academic performance and advise the selection of the appropriate majors and majors for each student.

Step 2: Choosing schools and courses

After obtaining accurate information about education system and study program. The counselors will advise on choosing schools and courses to develop learning plans for each specific application. At this time, the counselors will give you advice on specific schools, details of courses, and costs for each of these courses, which can help you make the right decision for study abroad.

Step 3: Applying for a school in Singapore and Arrange for accommodation

Once your application has been completed, the Asia- Europe Company will proceed to submit the school application and guide you to arrange English tests to determine your proficiency (if you do not have an international qualification for English certificate).

Next, students will pay the registration fee, the tuition fees prescribed by the school. After being approved by the school in Singapore to grant the letter offer, the Company will contact the accommodation for international students. The process time to complete the application to study in Singapore is about 6-8 weeks.

Step 4: Booking tickets and flight instructions

The counselors will help international students to book tickets and guide the flight procedures to Singapore. All information above the students need to know for their trip will be answered by counselors.

During the overseas study period, the results of international students will be regularly sent to their families in Vietnam.


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