The United Kingdom

The UK is among the countries with leading education system in the world. Studying in the UK means that you are studying at the home country of English language, a perfect environment of English.

Learning method in the UK focuses on developing each individual student’s independent working ability, creativity, analytic and problem-solving ability. Although yearly average tuition fee in the UK is higher than that of other countries, but the UK’s learning time is shorter, so international students can reduce total cost of learning in the UK. The UK’s degrees are highly valued over the world. Moreover, international students can have benefits from support policies on tuition fee, health care and part-time job, etc. The UK is a fascinating combination of four countries: England, Wales, North Ireland and Scotland. Each country has unique culture, customs, architectures and magnificent landscapes.

Capital: London.

Major Cities: Manchester, Birmingham, London, Oxford, Cambridge.

Square: 244,820 km2

Population: 60,776,238 people.

Currency unit: Pound. 

Official language: English.

Means of Transportation:

Train, underground, bus, bicycle, etc

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The UK has a long-time culture which still keeps its unique features until now. It is preserved, developed, and attracts many researchers and plays a significant role in human culture.

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In the UK, there are about 2,000 museums and galleries, most of them are open to the public free of charge.

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Living expense:

You need to estimate living expenses before going to the UK. When planning your finance for living and studying in the UK, you should consider other costs besides tuition fee.

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Kinds of Accommodation:

An accommodation can greatly influence your studies in the UK; therefore, you should carefully select ‘this second home’. Your choice may depend on the school you attend and the major you plan to pursue.

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