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I am junior of Business Administration in University of Economics. I am going to study overseas in USA. Are my academic results transferred to USA?
- 07:23 - 13/10/2013
admin :

Vietnam’s program is different from the USA’s. Therefore, your academic results cannot be transferred to USA. Your academic results can be transferred if the program you are studying is similar to your intended program in the USA.

My child is a sophomore of International University in Vietnam. Can my child’s academic results be transferred to USA to continue his studies?
- 07:24 - 28/09/2013
admin :

Usually, your child will be exempted from some credits if the program your child is studying in Vietnam is equivalent to his intended program in the US and your child’s academic results are recognized by the school for transfer.

What are differences in quality between Public and Private schools in USA?
- 07:19 - 22/09/2013
admin :

There are no differences in quality between Public and Private schools. In USA, many private schools are more famous than public schools. As regards high school program in USA, international students who study overseas in form of self-supporting overseas study can just register for their studies in private schools. Embassy doesn’t grant visa to students who apply for visa to study at public schools in USA.

My family is filing an application for immigrant visa of the USA. Can my family file my child’s dossier of overseas study in USA?
- 07:23 - 19/09/2013
admin :

The American Embassy does not stipulate that students whose are filing an application for immigrant visa can’t apply for student visa, provided overseas students can persuade The American Embassy by means of their clear study plan as well as financial capacity for overseas study. Asia – Europe Company helped many cases like this and they got their visas.

My child repeated grade 11 and is studying 12th grade program. My child has certificate of IELTS 6.0. After finishing 12th grade program, can my child study college program in Australia? my child has any difficulties in applying for a visa?
- 07:29 - 13/09/2013
admin :

If your child’s study result of grade 12 is better than that of grade 11, your child can register acourse in Australia because a school and Australian Consulate General not only consider their study result of each academic year but also their progress.

Therefore, in academic year of grade 12, your child has to get a good result, which will help your child get a visa with a higher rate. Besides, your child has IELTS 6.0, it’s eligible for your child to apply for admission and to be considered to issue a visa towards language for college level.

Your family has to prove that your family has enough budget for your accomondation, tuition, air ticket in one year.

I have relatives in England. My child has just graduated from Senior High School and is studying an English course. I want to know about requirements of student visa application.
- 07:28 - 13/09/2013
admin :

For overseas study in England, your child’s academic record must be average or upwards; and he must be able to use general communicative English.

As regards financial conditions, your family is required to have maintained savings in a bank 06 months prior to applying your child’s visa application. Your savings must be equivalent to tuition in the period of the first 02 years (including fees of English course + main course + accommodation + transportation). Your savings is required to be around 45,000 USD. If the savings in the bank has not been maintained for 06 months, you must prove monthly income or financial sponsorship for your child’s overseas study.

I graduated from Senior High School in 2007. Now I want to study overseas in Canada. Can I choose a school near my uncle’s house in Canada to reduce costs?
- 07:28 - 13/09/2013
admin :

Because Asia – Europe Company is an official representative of many Educational institutions in Canada, we will help you find a school near your uncle’s house. However, the most important thing is that your dossier is approved by The Canadian Embassy. Therefore, the school you choose must be suitable to your academic record so that you can easily apply for Canadian Visa.

The program on Hospitality Management in Switzerland provides theory and practice at the same time. Do I have to find a place for practice by myself?
- 07:27 - 13/09/2013
admin :

The program on Hospitality Management in Switzerland provides theory and practice at the same time. In the process of practice, you will be paid. The University is willing to arrange a place for you to practice or you can choose any hotel in Switzerland or in any country.

I graduated from Senior High School in 1995. After that I didn’t take a University entrance exam. I have worked in the field of hotel and restaurant until now. Can I study Hospitality Management in Switzerland now?
- 07:26 - 13/09/2013
admin :

Because you graduated from Senior High School, you meet all standards of overseas study in Switzerland. Depending on your position and job, some Universities in Switzerland can accept you to study Bachelor’s program or Master’s program about Hospitality Management (E.g.: if you have worked as a manager in a relatively grand hotel or restaurant from 3 to 5 years, some Universities in Switzerland can accept you to study Master’s program)

I passed SLEP exam with marks of 53. If I study in form of cultural exchange of 2009 - 2010, then can I apply for 12 Grade program or admission to Community College in USA? How is procedure for addmission application?
- 07:26 - 13/09/2013
admin :

You can apply for 12 grade program after finishing cultural exchange program. However, you should define clearly that you will study 12 grade program or community college program because these 2 choices will lead to 2 different preparations.

It is hard for international students to be accepted to study in public schools (except for people taking part in cutural exchange program). If you want to study 12 grade program,you have to be accepted by the school and changed from J-1 into F-1 visa (full time program).

Another factor is tuition. Because high school tuition is much more higher than community college tuition. High school diploma is one of conditions for admission to Colleges or Univeristies in USA. However, some community colleges have dual programs (Students study high school program and some credits in college at the same time to save time and money).

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