I would like to know about health care for UK overseas students. If I have an international
student visa, do I have free health care?

(13/09/2013 )

Yes, you have. When studying in High Schools or Universities in UK, you will have a private doctor at health care of your school. You will be instructed when u get there. Don’t worry.

I have heard that it is not necessary to get IELTS certificate for overseas study of Master’s program in Australia. Is it true?

(13/09/2013 )

As of 14 May 2007, for undergraduate and post-graduate programs, there is no need to get IELTS certificate.

I have studied Hospitality Management in Switzerland for 02 years. Now I come back to Vietnam and want to continue my studies of this area in Australia. With knowledge I have acquired in Switzerland; can I continue my studies of this area in Australi

(13/09/2013 )

The degree you have studied for in Switzerland is an international degree. In fact, you can transfer your studies of this area to Australia. However, depending on each university’s requirements as well as your academic results in Switzerland, the university you want to study at in Australia will consider whether you can transfer your studies.

I graduated from Senior High School and want to study aboard in Canada. Can I study programs in French?

(13/09/2013 )

Two official languages in Canada are English and French, so you can study programs in French in Canada

I have not got TOEFL certificate yet. To be granted visa for overseas study in USA, must the students get TOEFL certificate?

(03/09/2013 )

For overseas study in USA, The American Embassy has no regulations on TOEFL certificate and now about 90% of students who got visas for overseas study in USA thanks to Asia – Europe Company have no TOEFL certificates. Of course, if you have English competence, it will be an advantage but not a decisive factor. The important thing is your study purpose and your family’s financial capacity, persuade Embassy officials at the time of applying for visa. 

Is it necessary to get IELTS certificate in Vietnam before overseas study in New Zealand? Now I have not got certificates of English yet. Can I apply for overseas study?

(13/08/2013 )

When applying for overseas study in New Zealand, The New Zealand Embassy does not require IELTS certificate, TOEFL certificate and other certificates of English. You can register for an English course in New Zealand and then a main course. But in the period of applying for visa, you should study an English course for communication to be easier to integrate into a new study environment.

Is it difficult to prove finance for overseas study in Australia?

(13/08/2013 )

As of 14 May 2007, financial condition for overseas study in Australia is easier than before. There is no need for students to prove monthly income of their family. They can open their savings books and explain origin of the savings books or can ask for the bank’s help for making credit line agreement for overseas study. Please contact consultants of Asia – Europe Company on your case.

I have just graduated from Senior High School and want to know about conditions of overseas study in Malaysia?

(13/07/2013 )

For overseas study in Malaysia, requirements of education is average learning capacity upwards. There is no need to get IELTS certificate, TOEFL certificate and to prove your family’s monthly income.

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