Asia-Europe Company – ‘A steadily-developed enterprise in 2009’

Nowadays, economic integration has created great chances and challenges for Vietnamese enterprises. To achieve success, the enterprises should take advantages of their strong points, enhance their knowledge, technology, managerial science, and recognize difficulties and advantages to develop steadily.

To encourage and honour excellent enterprises which have made great contribution to the country’s integration to the world economy, Ministry of Industry and Trade decides to award the title “Steadily-Developed Enterprise” for the first time to honour Vietnamese enterprises which have made great contribution to the country’s economic development and develop their brand names during the world integration.
Among the 104 enterprises awarded on 03 January 2009, Asia – Europe is the only company to be awarded in the field of education.
Established in 1999, after 10 years’ operation, Asia – Europe has become an official representative of hundreds of schools, educational organizations around the world, helped thousands of Vietnamese students to study in foreign countries such as: the USA, Australia, Singapore, Switzerland, Canada, etc. Hoping to become a companion for the youth on the way to future career, we have tried our best to keep our brand name as one of the leading oversea study consultancies in Vietnam.

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