Top 16 schools with students paid highest salary in the US

Many overseas students in the US dream about studying in an advanced, modern education and jobs with high-paid salary.

According to the result of the annual survey of, students graduating from Harvey Mudd College can earn averagely 143.000 USD/year (nearly 3 billion dongs), which leads the list of salary for graduates in the US. This is the ideal statistic attracting many overseas students to study in the US.

The tendency of American overseas study has been developing for many years

Among them, 3 prestigious universities: Stanford University, Havard University and Brown University, are ranked 8th, 9th, 10th in succession with average salary of 119.000 USD/ year (nearly 2.5 billion dongs). Students of Standford University has a little bit higher initial salary of 61.300 USD.
Below is the list of 16 universities and colleges with graduated students paid highest salary, according to


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