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Pre-departure – Saving method for overseas study

Thứ sáu, 15/11/2013, 10:53 GMT+7

Pre-departure – Saving method for overseas study

In fact, the crisis of global economy and difficulties in our country make students desire to study abroad. The matter is parents and students who intend to study abroad always care about how to save money for overseas study.

The survey of World Bank (WB) and Central Institute for Economic Management (CIEM) showed that: there are 66% of foreign employers unsatisfied with education and training quality of human resource in Vietnam, while this statistic in our country is 36%.

Nowadays, university education does still not meet the requirements of high-quality human resource training. Therefore, the universities do not publicize the rate of graduated students getting jobs although they keep increasing in quantity. Domestic training is also not balanced in major structures causing high rate of unemployed graduates. In the whole country, the situation of unemployed Bachelor and Master is very common.

Therefore, overseas study in prestigious educational system and popular majors are what students care about. Why do the countries with high tuition fees like that still attract many Vietnamese students, and why is the amount of international students coming to those countries still increasing repeatedly despite the economic crisis? Maybe the training quality and international certificates guarantee job opportunities for students when they return to their countries.

Overseas study tendency is more popular

According to the last survey of National Center For Labour Market Forecasting and Information (Department of Employment – Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social affairs), the following fields’ employment demands will increase in 2015: finance, banking and insurance; real estate business; technical science; administration and support service; Party, Union, politic and social organization; working for household business; international organizations and other services.

There are 15,572 Vietnamese students studying in American universities, which proves that the US is still one of the nations attractive to Vietnamese students.

Money saving methods for overseas study
In fact, tuition fees of the US and UK are the highest in the world. Tuition fees of American universities are variable, while living expenses depend on the area and lifestyle of each person. Tuition fee is the biggest expense which is about from 10,000 to 55,000 USD per year. One overseas student in the US said that: The tuition fee of “intermediate” universities in the US is about 36,000 – 37,000 USD.

American education is still the target of many students

In the UK, you can find internship opportunities in the curriculum. Normally, you will be paid about 18,000 – 19,000 pounds for the internship year, and the tuition of this year is very low, which is about 1,000 – 2,000 pounds. However, many foreign students said that: The tuition fee in the UK may be lower in comparison to the US, but the living cost is higher.

Despite that fact, many overseas students still choose to study in those luxury countries because: The curricula in Asian or Western European countries are connected to those in the UK or US; so getting the certificates from the “original” countries is better.

Thus, to save money overseas students tend to choose schools with reasonable tuition fees, which are public schools, and reduce living costs, find out information before overseas study and get part-time jobs. However, in the US foreign students are not allowed to have part-time jobs. Working part-time is illegal and the hourly wage is lower than the salary level of legal employee in regulations of the Government, which is 8 USD/hour.

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